With advancements in online technology, clients are able to now login and check the status of services by each job, print affidavits, and also review and print invoices. This is a feature we offer to all of our clients at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. It is done on a per attorney basis, as all of our jobs are assigned by individual attorneys.

For current clients logging in, be sure that you have the correct login name and password for the attorney that is in charge of the actual service of process you are checking on.

Log in to check your document status.

For current clients looking to set this up, complete the form below and please be sure you specify which attorney you are wanting the login and password added to, as it will be this individual attorney only who has this set up. If you have any problems, or are a new client, please contact our office at: 850-656-2605.

Login Request Form

Note: All fields are required. Password and Login Requests may take up to 24-48hrs to provide login information and become active.